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Crete is a comparatively new market since if you were a foreigner it has only been possible to buy property in Greece without a greek partner since 1990.


Before then only few foreigners with a good knowledge of Crete and trustworthy friends were willing to invest their money in property . The advent of the European Union changed all this and more and more E.U citizens have been buying property on the island.

Also residents of countries outside E.U , getting a visa and investing the amount of 250,000 minimum.


At first it was a trickle and whilst it has not yet turned into a flood there seem to be more and more people buying either land for construction, old houses or ruins for renovation or brand new houses. Some buy a second home , others plan to move to Crete “ lock ,stock and barrel” whilst more and more consider retiring to an island with a better climate, lower costs of living and attractive combination.

If you are considering a Real Estate purchase in our island, you will need a "team of Professionals" to assist you in completing a wise and secure transaction. 

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